General FAQ's

How long do your meals last for in the fridge?
The meals are optimal in the fridge between 5-7 days

Can I freeze my meals?
You can freeze anything you like. Although we don't recommend freezing our meals, they’re made to be eaten fresh!

How do I sign up to Tim Fresh?
Simple. Click the account button. The prompts to create an account will come up. Fill in your details.

What happens if I have food allergies?
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that our foods will be allergy free as there are dishes prepared with dairy, gluten, peanuts, sesame seeds and tree nuts.

How do I reheat your meals?
Simple. Just pop them in the microwave in the container, OR empty the content into a plate or bowl and heat from anywhere between 90 seconds to 2 and a half minutes.

How do I reheat my meals if i don't have a microwave?
No microwave. No worries. Place the food in an ovenproof dish and heat up in the oven until desired temperature is required.

Is there a minimum order spend? A minimum order spend of $80 is required.

What do I need to know before I order?
This is a meal subscription service. Where your order will roll over every week, fortnight or month. You are free to pause or cancel at any given time where you will stop being charged and receive no meals.

Can I cancel my order?
As we cook everything to order using super fresh ingredients, it is up to you to contact us within 24 hours of placing the order if you wish to cancel. Any cancellations made after this cut off period will be void.

How can I contact Tim Fresh
Feel free to contact Tim directly via email at hello@timfresh.com.au or leave us a DM on Instagram.

How can I cancel my subscription
Click on 'Account' followed by manage subscriptions.  Click on 'subscriptions' which is next to the home button. On the bottom you have the choice to 'skip this order' or 'cancel subscription'. Once selected follow the prompts. 


What if I live in a gated complex or high-rise building?

It is up to you to leave the appropriate delivery instructions for us to leave your delivery in a safe and secure place as close to your doorstep as possible

Can I pick up my order directly from Tim Fresh?

Yes. Please contact us directly to organise.