At Tim Fresh we understand it can be difficult trying to balance a busy lifestyle with eating well all the time so we've decided to bridge that gap by making tasty wholesome food available to you as a flexible subscription service.

The convenience of the subscription service is that you don't have to lift a finger and we can prepare and deliver meals at your doorstep weekly, fortnightly or even once in your lifetime. But the benefit of the service is to let you know that we are here for you ready to go whenever you are.

We strongly believe in making food that has no funny numbers or words you don't understand in the ingredients list. We don't believe in vacuum sealed to 'seal in freshness', as we've experienced this tampers with the natural and true flavors of the food over time. We believe food should be minimally tampered with to enjoy and understand the true flavors of it. 

Tim Fresh is about creating a culture within the shifting paradigm that is convenient and accessible food at the click of a button. We do want people to know that everything is hand cut, every dough is kneaded by a fist, every piece of meat has been boned with a knife, and every container of food has been handled by a human. Most importantly we want people to know our food is more perishable than some other services on offer because its important for our customers to understand there are next to no herbicides, pesticides or chemicals in our raw or finished products. 

Real food, real people, made with love, just how it should be.